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Jun 07 2021

How Can My Family Prepare for Hurricane Season?

Reading Time: 4 Minutes, 48 Seconds

If you live in an area that might experience hurricanes, it's important that you begin your preparations well in advance of any potential storm. Hurricane season started on May 15 in the north Pacific and June...

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Feb 12 2021

What’s the difference between a frost and a freeze?

Reading Time: 59 seconds 

With changing temperatures come frost and freeze warnings. But what’s the difference between the two? And how can you and your family prepare for cold weather?

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Jun 10 2020

Hurricane Preparedness

Updated May 17, 2021

Reading Time 3 Minutes, 12 Seconds 

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 on the Atlantic coast and from May 15 to November 30 on the Pacific coast. Hurricanes are a potential threat to any coastal area, especially...

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Jun 10 2020

Disaster Preparedness Wildfires

Updated February 18, 2021

Reading Time 7 Minutes 33 Seconds

Thousands of wildfires strike California every year. When the humidity drops and the winds increase during fire season, fire danger is elevated even higher, and the public is asked to be...

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