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Feb 10 2021

PTE helps cut down on work order completion times

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Time is one of those things that there's never enough of, no matter how organized and curated your schedule. As a military family, we know that last-minute events crop up all the time. Field time gets...

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Feb 09 2021

Wondering how to simplify your schedule? Maybe PTE can help

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As former military members and as military spouses, we know how hectic it can be to juggle a schedule that continually changes. We know all about those last-minute FTXs and Hail and Farewell dinners that no one told you...

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Feb 05 2021

Let's talk Military Family Resources!

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Every military family will have challenges and experiences unique to them. But one universal trait that's consistent for all families is the need to be connected with the larger military community. There are so...

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Feb 04 2021

Everything You Need to Include in Your PCS Binder

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In a recent post, we talked about preparing for your PCS, and we mentioned that having a well-organized PCS binder will help save a lot of stress.

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Feb 03 2021

Mil-spouse and LMH Employee Christy McBride just PCS’d in the middle of a pandemic. Here’s her story.


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Christy started with LMH way back in 2011 at Quantico as a CSR. She’s been promoted to new roles ever since, and this May will mark a decade of her time with Lincoln. Christy worked at the Heroes Manor site...

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Feb 02 2021

Why Should You Choose to Live on Base?

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That's a really good question! Why should you live on base? What's in it for you, and is it worth it for your service member to be so close to work?

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Jan 05 2021

Moving to Joint Base Lewis-McChord Military Housing: A Guide

You may have read our Pacific Northwest regional guide, but this takes it a step further! If you are about to move to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, this is your resource for what to do in your new city. From finding the right military housing for you...

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Dec 17 2020

2021 BAH Rates: Updated Military Housing Allowance Infographic

New 2021 Basic Allowance for Housing rates were released by the Department of Defense on December 15, 2020. The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) infographic and information below have been updated to reflect the new rates that will take effect...

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Dec 10 2020

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Updated February 22, 2021

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LMH encourages residents to participate in this year’s annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

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Dec 01 2020

Moving to Camp Pendleton Military Housing: A Guide

Updated February 22, 2021

Reading Time 33 Minutes, 44 Seconds

You may have read our Southern California regional guide, but this takes it a step further! If you are about to move to Camp Pendleton, this is your resource for what to do in your new...

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