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Feb 23 2021

Why You Should Be Shopping at the Commissary

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Commissaries are on-base grocery stores that offer military families significant savings. The military Exchange program includes both Commissaries and Exchanges. When you shop at a Commissary, your purchases...

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Feb 22 2021

Annual Vendor & Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony Went Virtual this Year

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 40 Seconds

On January 28, LMH Community Services San Diego, SW Navy,  celebrated our vendors' and volunteers' dedication at our annual Vendor and Volunteer Appreciation Event. This year's event was incredibly significant...

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Feb 19 2021

How to Clean Your Oven and Keep it that Way

Reading Time:2 Minutes, 27 Seconds

If you don’t look forward to cleaning your oven, don’t worry - you’re not alone. There are very few people who actually enjoy the process. But it’s a really important part of home maintenance, so it definitely...

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Feb 17 2021

Claudia Soto Celebrates 15 Years at LMH

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 37 Seconds 

Claudia Soto began her career with Lincoln Military Housing in 2006 when the company was just five years old. She is a military spouse, a military mom, and in her current role, a Lincoln at Your Service Call...

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Feb 16 2021

Interview with Shaylene Warembourg, Resident Communication Associate

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 54 Seconds 

Shaylene Warembourg is a military spouse, mom, and team member at LMH. We spoke with her about the struggles mil spouses face and what she thinks is the best part of working at Lincoln.

Shay has been with...

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Feb 12 2021

For Talya, Working at LMH is a Personal Mission

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 46 Seconds 

We chatted with Talya Kingsolver, a Leasing Specialist at our Welcome Center in Norfolk. Here’s what she had to say. 

Leasing Specialist at the Lincoln Military Housing Call Center, Talya Kingsolver, has helped...

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Feb 12 2021

Freeze Warnings: What they mean and what you need to do

Reading Time 2 Minutes, 4 Seconds

If you’re not from a region where freezes and frosts happen seasonally, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. But the truth is that freezes can cause severe damage to homes, so taking the right steps...

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Feb 12 2021

What’s the difference between a frost and a freeze?

Reading Time: 59 seconds 

With changing temperatures come frost and freeze warnings. But what’s the difference between the two? And how can you and your family prepare for cold weather?

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Feb 12 2021

Your Family Needs an Emergency Binder - Here's Why

Reading time: 1Minute, 47 Seconds 

If you’ve ever PCS’d, you know the importance of having a well-organized PCS binder. PCS binders, like Emergency Binders, give you access to everything you need for your military move in one place. 

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Feb 11 2021

Mil Spouses - overlooked but not at Lincoln

Reading Time: 1 Minute, 44 Seconds 

If you’re new to the military community, it might surprise you to learn just how under-employed military spouses are, despite having plenty of education and lots of experience. There are several reasons why mil...

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