Military Friendly Employers: Serving Those Who Serve

September 25, 2017

Military members enter and exit civilian life at different stages. Many join the military immediately following high school graduation, only to immerse themselves back into civilian life years later to face adjustment challenges, especially when it comes to employment. Fortunately, there are many military friendly employers dedicated to recruiting and hiring veterans based on their technical skills and leadership qualities demonstrated during service.

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While there are job placement services available for veterans entering back into the civilian workforce, here are a few of the companies who make it their mission to ensure there are jobs for veterans when they have completed active duty.

Approximately 20% of our own team members at Lincoln Military Housing are retired military, military spouses, or affiliated with the military in some way. If you are interested in joining the LMH family, check out the available job positions and benefits on our careers page.


The coffee powerhouse has been instrumental in its support of veterans. It opened Military Family Stores in November 2013 with the pledge to aid veterans and their spouses. Since its inception, more than 10,000 employees have been hired as part of the initiative to provide jobs for veterans as they rejoin the workforce.

Combined Insurance named Combined Insurance to the top of its list of military friendly employers. As of 2016, the company dedicated its hiring efforts to include 4,000 veterans. To help offer this number of jobs for veterans, the insurance company partnered with Hiring Our Heroes, Transitions Assistance Program, and the Veterans Administration.

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Baker Hughes

As a global oilfield provider, the company is known for hiring veterans in technical positions such as Field Operator or Field Specialist. By utilizing strengths and skills used during military service, such opportunities can help make for a smoother transition for both employer and employee.


Comcast founder, Ralph Roberts, served in World War II with the U.S. Navy, and the company remains committed to providing education and employment opportunities for veterans and their families. The telecommunications conglomerate has been honored as a Top Military Friendly Employer over the past several years and continues to increase its efforts to provide veteran resources for jobs and career advancement.

Law Enforcement

Police departments nationwide look to military veterans for recruitment, as service members have security, protection, and anti-terrorism training, all of which are vital parts of law enforcement. While this may often result in military members becoming police officers in the field, other avenues of employment may fall under a more operational role within an organization.

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Federal Agencies

Military members bring a special set of skills and experience to the table that makes them a unique asset to the agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, to name of a few. The learned knowledge during years of training is often aligned with the requirements necessary for many roles in these types of government organizations.

Entering the Civilian Workforce

Transitioning to civilian life on any level may present an adjustment period, but military members can use what they’ve learned during their time in service that is invaluable for employers. In industries where technical skill is appreciated, leadership mentalities are needed, and the ability to learn under pressure is an added bonus, being a veteran can be a selling point for job recruiters.

This is only a sampling of the number of companies who make extra efforts to provide jobs for veterans. When entering back into the workforce, veterans should feel confident of the number of military friendly employers ready to hire them and help them excel in their careers.

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