Mil Spouses - overlooked but not at Lincoln

February 11, 2021

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If you’re new to the military community, it might surprise you to learn just how under-employed military spouses are, despite having plenty of education and lots of experience. There are several reasons why mil spouses are unemployed and under-employed, and a lot of it has to do with the difficulty of finding a job PCS after PCS. 

A recent article from the Army War College showed that, on average, a mil spouse spends about four to six months looking for a job after arriving at a new base. That’s almost half a year just looking for work, never mind actually landing a job. 

Another big challenge that mil spouses face is finding a job that offers flexibility. We all know how often military schedules change. Field time gets extended, tours and deployments last longer than expected, and nothing rarely, if ever, goes according to plan. Finding a job that understands the challenges of military life and culture is really difficult. 

Mil spouses also face undue scrutiny from civilian jobs who don’t want to invest time in a person who will leave in a few years. But there are plenty of sources that say civilians change jobs every two or three years, just like mil spouses. 

So what’s a mil spouse to do?

Solution: Find a company that not only understands the military way of life but who embraces it. In short, you're looking for a company that has its roots and foundation in serving military families and who understands that this culture is unlike any other culture in America.

That might sounds easier said than done, but that kind of job is actually a lot closer than you think! 

Lincoln Military Housing has been serving military families for over 20 years. The leader of our company, Philip Rizzo, is a veteran and the son of a veteran. In all of our teams across the country, we have veterans and military spouses working to serve military families because we get it. We understand what it’s like to have the unexpected come out of nowhere. We also know that military spouses have some of the most sought-after skills - resiliency, adaptability, and flexibility. 

That’s why we’re committed to hiring more military spouses and veterans in 2021. Our teams are growing, and we’d love to have you on board. We serve installations across the country, so chances are wherever your PCS lands you next, we have a community there. If you’re interested in learning about your next career, we invite you to explore our open job opportunities. We are Military Serving Military, and we’re excited to welcome you to the team. 

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(Source: Department of Labor, Military Times) 

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