Earth Day 2020

April 22, 2020

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Updated February 18, 2021

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First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is a holiday dedicated to raising awareness for environmental conscientiousness. For over 50 years, this important holiday has been observed in a wide variety of ways, including LMH’s annual Earth Day event.

Given the current situation around the world, as COVID-19 causes families to shelter in place, Earth Day has become unique in its own right. While we cannot celebrate in the way we had initially planned, Lincoln’s Living Green team is looking at this as an opportunity for us all to share means of fostering sustainable practices within our homes.

We have put together below a series of videos and resources to celebrate Earth Day in your own home. From crafts using household objects to our favorite live streams of incredible animals, we hope you will join us in recognizing planet Earth and all the ways that we can give back to our environment. Happy Earth Day!

  • Turn your trash into treasure and reduce pollution by following along with these Earth Day Craft Videos. Craft egg cartons and toilet paper tubes into animals with your family!
  • Be a part of the Earth Day Legacy, participate in virtual events, and find fun activities you can do to celebrate by tuning into Earth Day Live.
  • Tune into National Park Wildlife Cams to grow your appreciation for nature in the United States 
  • Check out some of the most famous wildlife in the world on the San Diego Zoo Live Cams.
  • Visit the Smithsonian's Giant Panda Cam.
  • Stop by the Cincinnati Zoo to view their live cams.




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