Body Poets

October 30, 2015


As the popular dance crew, the Body Poets, skillfully performed breakdance moves across the stage, Mrs. Burke’s young son declared with wide eyes, “Mom, they are amazing!” Their mesmerizing moves caught the attention of many kids in attendance, but Mrs. Burke was shocked by her son’s positive response.

Days after this Kids Crew event, the Community Services Team received a call from Mrs. Burke. She explained that her son, who was so enthralled by the performance, has autism and is normally sensitive to loud noises. She was amazed at her son’s level of comfort while watching the Body Poets move to their loud tunes. Her Facebook proudly features a photo of her son hugging the performers.                

The dance crew was so moved by her comment that they have volunteered to put on a show where all proceeds will go to a charity of her choice. This conversation brought tears to her eyes. She had such a hard year with car accidents, deployments, and scheduling appointments with her son’s autism.  This was welcome news.

Since Lincoln Military Housing was founded, our Community Services Team has always been at the core of our mission.  In an effort to create more personal connections within individual housing communities, Community Services events are staged on-property or out in town. These events serve as informal community gatherings and help the residents get to know each other on a personal level, meeting the primary mission of our Community Services program.

Now, when Mrs. Burke’s son starts getting a tantrum, she plays a Body Poets dance video and it calms him down instantly. It is amazing that a Community Services event brought such an incredibly positive influence into this family’s life. It shows that people make connections not only with each other, but with the vendors we partner with, like the Body Poets. Our events build connections, develop support systems, and create positive experiences. 

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